Empaths and Energy Sucking Vampires

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It should be no big surprise that empaths attract energy sucking vampires and narcissists, who are often associated as energy sucking vampires as well. Empaths absorb the emotions of others, are sensitive to other’s energies, and often are like human lie detectors. As an empath myself, I often refer to myself as a ‘soul reader’.

A soul reader is a highly intuned empath who has the uncanny ability to read between the lines when people speak – or don’t speak. We can see the invisible mask. we can hear the words that are unspoken, we know what goodness or mal-intentions are held secretly when we hear their words and the words omitted.

Empaths often attract people with problems because of their sympathetic natures, but are also an open target for energy vampires and narcissists because of their open vulnerability to receive energies – good and bad. Empaths often hide their own problems and have an overwhelming want to try and solve problems for others. Weaker and troubled souls are often attracted to empaths because an empath’s personalities give off the energy that they are compassionate and open to receive. Narcissists especially love to gravitate to empaths because they are easy targets to manipulate with the empath’s open to receive nature.

Energy sucking vampires are often deeply wounded individuals who have been hurt in their own or past lives. They may have been beaten or bullied themselves and wish to project same onto others. They may have grown up in abusive families. They have somehow been unempowered somewhere in their lives, which can instill a sense of entitlement as a sense of compensation for something they didn’t receive when they were younger, or worse, because of mental or physical abuse or neglect they experienced at some point in their lives – unresolved childhood pain. Often these people cannot see the light so they create scenarios where they must put themselves in the light to feel empowered.

Narcissists often adopt behaviors that will help them gain favor from people. They lack compassion, remorse and refuse to acknowledge or admit the errors of their ways. Sadly, positive psychology won’t heal a narcissist or an energy sucking vampire.Β  Empaths must learn how vampires operate and help themselves because vampires don’t change. An empath’s biggest struggle is to learn ‘no contact’ with such individuals. Many empaths have had a vampire parent. I most certainly can say I did. I grew up with a narcissistic, energy sucking vampire, known as my mother.

It took me over 50 years to learn how to deal with my own mother. It was painful to be around her, and even as a young child I knew instinctively something wasn’t right with her. I anlayzed her for 50 years before I figured out why out of 4 children she sucked the most from me and preyed on my emotions and compassion – because she knew how vulnerable I was to emotions, knew she could manipulate me with guilt, and knew how much I feared her to stray. But I finally put it all together, and after years of literally feeling as though my insides were being torn out and twisted by my mother’s reign, I did the hardest thing I ever had to do, despite how sad I felt to abandon her. I walked away. I stopped lowering my vibrations to her level to continually appease her. Being addicted to rescuing others is dangerous to our health.

So what can we do to help our empathic selves from becoming drained by these narcissists and energy sucking vampires?

  • We need to use positive affirmations. You know the saying – you are what you think or feel? When we’re subjected to negative energies we feel low and vulnerable. It’s just as easy to feel energy and empowerment by saying positive things to ourselves.
  • Stand in the light. By standing in light we don’t get trapped in an energy sucker’s sufferings if we set boundaries.
  • Practice self-love. Feelings that are acknowledged become the energy that flows within us. Even negative feelings should be acknowledged by thanking those feelings and let them know we are sorry for their pain.
  • Self-love doesn’t take away anything from others, but boosts our own energy banks.
  • And most importantly, BE THE LIGHT. Vampires can’t tolerate being in the light!

10 Signs You are a Highly Sensitive Empath

There are several types of empaths from emotional, physical, telepathic, claircognizant, geomantic, medium, and more. If you are curious to learn about these various types of empaths, either for your own curiosity or to help discover which type of empath you may be, please watch the video below.


Have you discovered that you too are an empath?


57 thoughts on “Empaths and Energy Sucking Vampires

  1. A very interesting post on a sensitive subject to many. Sadly, empathy to this extent is rarely
    understood early in life and can therefore cause a lot of heartache in relationships and friendships.
    Empathy that is understood can be used to so much good but it is important to protect
    against drainage. The solitude seeking is probably one of the ways .

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    1. So true Miriam. When we are young we don’t always understand the gift of sensitivity we are given, hence, often being taken advantage of. Seeking solitude is so important to retreat and recharge. πŸ™‚

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  2. What an amazing discussion! I love it. It took me over 40 years to figure out that I was empathic and I am still learning more each day. I had the stepmother from hell, so I totally understand your issues with your mom. I was used the same way. I created a category on my author blog so that I can share some of these amazing posts. ❀

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    1. Thanks for sharing in the discussion Colleen. I know you and I have led parallel lives in many ways. Like I mentioned to Miriam in her comment. many of us don’t realize our gift of power until we are older and subsequently because of our nature are often taken for granted and have a lot of energy sucked from us. ❀

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  3. A terrific post, Deb, and one from which many will benefit, no matter where on the spectrum they find themselves. Your advice is superb, especially BE THE LIGHT. Practicing this, regardless of whether our little voice denies it, will move us into being what we wish to be ❀️

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    1. Thanks so much T. I know you know EXACTLY what I mean. And I know we both struggle sometimes with standing in that light, but practice makes perfect. We are understanding this now and we are moving to the light. ❀ ❀

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  4. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Do you find yourself being drawn into other people’s problems, always the shoulder to cry on the person that get called on drop everything and run over to help.. And perhaps you wonder why those people only ever call you when they have a problem and never to ask if you are okay… there are various names for those that take advantage more often that they should and Debby Gies has a few of her own to share in this post on The Sisters of Fey. Those that are empathetic attract those who are very happy to suck the energy right out of you… here are some strategies to handle that situation….

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  5. Oh Debby, this is such a great read. Thank you. I have had to put a friend I met last year at arm’s length as I could no longer deal with the “poor me” attitude and that she never asked about me.. at all. I swear she didn’t know anything going on in my life yet I knew all of her problems! I feel much better about this decision to step away from her after reading this post. Thank you ❀

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    1. Christy, I’m so happy my article helped you realize that you were being taken advantage of. I know that well. I can count a few ‘friends’ I’ve had to distance myself from over the years as I realized what was happened. Any relationship – friendships or romantic must involve give and take to thrive and remain healthy. When one person is doing all the giving and receiving nothing in return, it’s time to walk my friend. ❀ xx

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  6. One of the best things I have learnt over the years is to use some spiritual tools to protect my energy fields from being impacted by others’ energies. When I go out – esp. to busy shopping centres I always used to feel so drained I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. These days I connect to Source and the Earth through my heart and then encase myself in an energetic bubble that only allows in those energies that are for my Highest Good. I also use this when dealing with other ‘dodgy’ situations or people. Another really useful tool is to send negative vibes back to where they come from. This is done with intent – ie. ask for an etheric mirror to be placed in front of you, covering your whole body. Ask that any negative energies be sent back to from whence they came. BUT – and this is important – send it back with love asking that the energy they receive be transmuted to Light.

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    1. Thank you so much Raili for sharing your methods here. I too use white light to shield myself when feeling negative energies. It seems you are well equipped with this knowledge. πŸ™‚ x

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  7. So Vampires are real! Yes, I’ve met a few. I think being supportive of some vampires is important, but always with appropriate boundaries. Your recommendations for keeping our empathic selves safe and healthy are perfect and I love how positive they are. The best way to dispell darkness is with light. πŸ™‚ ❀

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  8. Great tips! As empaths, we shrink away from hurting others by speaking the truth. I’d like to add the tip that sometimes the best way to keep an energy sucker at bay is to tell them they are being one, in a loving manner, of course.

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  9. As the empathic child of a narcissistic Mother, I was taught to set my own needs aside. For most of my life, I didn’t know my Mother and the surrogates with whom I replaced her were abnormal. This normalization of cruelty can cause an empath to become an enabler, which makes our empathy self-destructive. My salvation was learning that I have a right to say no, that I have a right to my own opinions and that I have a right to live. It is not my job to prop up the grandiose delusions and lies of the emotional vampires of the world. For me, the ability to say no is freedom. It means I can give my empathy to those who truly deserve it.

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    1. Rob, this was bang on what you said. We either become enablers like you said and a yes person to the controller. leading to guilt when we stray. Most narcissists with children will usually have at least one of their children empathetic. That was you and me. My salvation is finally learning no, the biggest obstacle for people like us. It sounds like you got yourself together after your traumatic experience and I commend you for that. πŸ™‚

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  10. Self-love and boundaries. That should be an empath’s mantra. Or anyone sensitive to others’ emotions. It isn’t easy but we must do these things. I am often emotionally drained (it feels like I’m literally drained) by energy vampires.
    *sets boundaries with chocolate pieces*
    *smiles in satisfaction* Ha!
    *eats chocolate* Damn!

    Love and light to you. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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    1. Thanks for visiting Sarah. Yes, we have to keep reminding ourselves of boundaries. Practice makes perfect right? Chocolate is always a good lure, lol. πŸ™‚ ❀ Love and light to you to my friend. ❀ xx

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  11. Wow, Debbie, fascinating stuff. Ever since watching ‘Little women’ yonks ago – when I rushed out and collected any second-hand clothing and comics I could to give to poor children, I guess I’ve been in that category…It’s taken many years to fully realise it.Fortunately I had loving parents, with Mum being as welcome as Spring and so giving with her love and a fun person.(I used to feel guilty that some people didn’t have one like her!!) If she was cross with us children, she’d throw a cushion at us!! I’ve paid emotionally and financially now and then, and now I’m an octogenarian….I fully know the score. Now I’m the same, but wary….(hence the silly poem.) All good fortune to you. xx

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    1. So wonderful to hear about your happy childhood Joy. God bless you and all you do at your age. Just remember, the world has changed so much, and technology has enabled a path for evil to seep through. Don’t get caught in anyone’s web trying to lure you in. If in doubt, just give me a buzz! πŸ™‚ xx


  12. How sweet, Debby. I’ve always seen life as a series of chapters. Some have been pedestrian, some exciting, some grief-stricken, some headily happy and fulfilling. That’s life eh, and life experiences are priceless and can’t be measured by money or success alone. Our family and friends are our most precious treasures and each day a bonus..

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    1. Hello! This is Colleen. Appreciate your comments. The Sisters and I have been working on much the same: angels, and learning how to shield ourselves. I had to learn to trust my gut too. I’m seldom wrong on those instincts. LOL! πŸ˜€ Thanks for stopping by. ❀

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