Boann – The Goddess Who Gave Life To The River Boyne In Celtic Mythology | Ancient Pages

I’ve been studying the myths of the Tuatha de Danaan who supposedly descended from the clouds to inhabit Ireland before the invasion of the Milesians, who then banished the Tuatha to the “Underworld” below the Mounds. My research indicates otherworldly fairy connections… Read on:


“Thalia Lightbringer – – The Celts had some very interesting gods and goddesses. Though the tales involve strange and magical elements, their deities often seem more human than those of other peoples, full of life and emotion. We can relate to these gods and goddesses, who love passionately, fight for their beliefs, and can […]”

Source: Boann – The Goddess Who Gave Life To The River Boyne In Celtic Mythology | Ancient Pages

preserve culinary and medicinal herbs for year-’round use | The Old Farmer’s Almanac


Many healing methods call for the use of herbs. I’ve planted basil, dill, and rosemary this year. I hope to dry some by hanging and others by freezing. That way I can grab an ice cube of basil and pop it into whatever I’m cooking at the time.

How about you? How do you preserve the herbs you’ve grown in the garden? Tell us your tips in the comments. ❤

Preserve culinary and medicinal herbs for year-round use. Here’s how.

Source: preserve culinary and medicinal herbs for year-round use | The Old Farmer’s Almanac

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Amazon Author Page: Colleen M. Chesebro

Borrowed Time for us mere mortals… Do the Fey, the faeries, think about time?

Borrowed Time…

You hear these two words quite often

Are they meant to soften

The inevitable?

The unpredictable?

The eventually?

The harsh reality?

So many questions and no answers to be found

So we ponder and wonder…

Maybe we’re not living on “borrowed time”

Maybe we’re meant to be!

Destined to see…

Blessed to spend our lives

In the beauty of strength and drive

To become more than just “killing time”

Deborah A. Bowman



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Book Review: The Curse Of Time (Bloodstone,#1) by M.J. Mallon

Thank you to Galit for her amazing 5 star review of my book. Thrilled by her response. 🙂

Author: M.J. Mallon
Pages: 242
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Publication Date: August 26, 2017
Publisher: Kyrosmagica Publishing


Fifteen-year-old Amelina Scott lives in Cambridge with her dysfunctional family, a mysterious black cat, and an unusual girl who’s imprisoned within the mirrors located in her house. When an unexpected message arrives inviting her to visit the Crystal Cottage, she sets off on a forbidden pathway where she encounters Ryder, a charismatic, but a perplexing stranger.

With the help of a magical paint set, and some crystal wizard stones she discovers the truth about a shocking curse that has destroyed her family’s happiness.

5 Stars

Okay, wow. Marjorie had created a wonderful story with such relatable characters. The Curse of Time is a young adult fantasy novel and I loved every page in it ❤

Amelina, the main character is such a lovable and so relatable character. The author did a great job with…

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Swimming With Tahlequah

We must add our voices to helping sing loud my sisters. ❤

Celtic Soul Craft


Most folks by now have heard the story of Tahlequah, the young orca whale whose calf only lived a very short time after birth before she died. She was last spotted was spotted two days ago which marks her grief ritual of 17 days long of carrying her dead calf.

You’d need a stone heart not to be moved by this and her story and grief speaks deeply to me. It speaks to the woman who keens, the woman who honors the need for death rituals, our human need for ritual and ceremony. It also speaks to me as a Human Ecologist, the activist who know it is us humans who have created this chain of environmental events which has accumulated to cause the starving condition of this pod and their poor birth rate.

It’s been interesting to see the reaction of people to this story from animal communicators…

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Diving Into the Realms of Infinite Possibilities

Diving into The Realms of Infinite Possibilities



The woman entered the silence once more, as she dived deeper into the realms of possibilities.  The pieces of the Jigsaw she had gathered from the past, now jumped into view to be re-jiggled before her eyes.

One by one they reassembled in front of her inner eye as she saw them laid out in front of her vision. One by one they slotted themselves together, each piece made more sense as they rearranged themselves before her, as they stretched out onto the horizon of her gaze.   

This time their colours were sharper, their edges cleaner and clearer, as she rebuilt the picture standing on the inside, the picture was reassembled from the outside in.

She sat within the space yet to be filled by the missing pieces,

and yet the void was filled with LOVE.

There were now only Seven more pieces missing. Instinctively she knew each piece that was missing also represented a year. Was that the years left for her? She was unsure, yet she knew they meant years into the future.  The Woman instinctively knew that when these final pieces were found and placed in position, that would signal the time foretold long ago of  the Total Re-birthing of  Gaia, and a reshaping of the Galaxy, as she saw the Stars fly in all directions. As Gaia transcended into her own higher vibration. 

The picture was magnificent, almost completed.  A pang of memory flooded her mind, as she understood the urgency to complete the whole picture.  Time was no longer running in the linear. She took a deep breath… She smiled to herself… She had all the time she needed, for had she not completed all she had set out to do?…. Almost!

For years she had been gathering each piece, and now here she sat, crossed legged upon the ground as the pieces all flew into place, creating a Kaleidoscope of colour, each piece a different image.   

She saw the hands on the clock within her vision, the Tick-Tock of Time ticking, speeding its pace, she understood why it was people sensed Time was speeding faster. There was hardly any more time left. We were already standing on the 11th hour of the clock.  And there was no time left to fix what was already destroyed. 


The only thing left is to fix is ourselves!

The woman’s journey had taken many life times to propel her into the one she now found herself living in.

Some of these lives she remembered, some she did not. But each one the essence of her higher-self had travelled with whomever she had elected to be. Whether it be Boy or Girl.  The bad guy or the good guy.

She saw the piece representing the boy she remembered, as he sat all day long weaving cloth of many colours in intricate patterns. Knowledge of which was passed down throughout the male generations father to son.  The loom would be worked back and forth with bare feet as the shuttle was passed through by hand.  The boy took his transition sitting as he normally did at the loom, as the building collapsed around him as the Earth shuddered.

She saw how we all weaved our different threads into the Matrix of the Universe, each thread separated, yet all the colours, all the various strengths, be is Silk, Cotton, Wool, ALL were woven together in the Blanket of Life. 

Another life was set among the slave ships, a life well-remembered, one which although traumatic in its memory, brought great healing forward into this life the woman now held.

Then there was the girl, the one with the young baby that cried no more. Such grief held as she walked from the wagon carrying the hand-made shawl into the blizzard, never to be found.

So many lives, so many lessons, each one propelling her into the Now.  The woman saw the pieces of her lives slotting together, knowing beyond knowing that this was her final Earth Incarnation.

This beautiful planet was destined long ago to evolve, transform and transcend to take its rightful place among the stars, 

No longer would Earth be held as jailer to those held as prisoners.

The Truth would soon set them Free!

Gaia had repeatedly tried to warn the masses, but only those waking up began to heed her repeated warnings. . . Continue reading

8/8/18: Four Must-Know Facts Regarding The Opening Of The LionsGate On August 8th – Conscious Reminder

“July was quite a busy month, astrologically speaking. It had loads: a very interesting Blood Moon as well the retrograde motion of Mercury to watch out for. However, things in astrology do not have clear-cut schedules that abide by dates and month-ends. What is interesting is that the astrological events cycle has […]”

What is the Lions Gate and what do the numbers 8/8/18 have in store for you? Click to read the link below:

Source: Four Must-Know Facts Regarding The Opening Of The LionsGate On August 8th – Conscious Reminder

What is a Faery Witch? | Winterspells

I’m on the path of the Fairy Witches… ❤ Click the link below to read more…

“Galadriel in Lord of the Rings is a typical Faery Witch. The swan is a common totem for us as well. Here Galadriel is like the Lady of the Lake in the Arthurian…”

Source: What is a Faery Witch? | Winterspells

A Lughnasadgh Lament?

A Lughnasadh Lament…

Celtic Soul Craft

A Lughnasadgh Lament?

(or  In the  Time Before Lugh)

Oh Lughnasadgh – have you been canceled?

I remember a time before Lugh was born. This time of year was a time of great gatherings. Yet where is my great gathering? Where are my sisters, and mothers, my aunts and my grandmothers?

Where is Taliesker arriving in her great shadow of wings, turning the sky dark with her flocks of crows? Are the seas so poisoned and polluted that Se-al Kie is dead or harpooned and no longer navigates the sea currents to land ashore and step out of her sealskin?

I miss my sisters who follow the herds arriving with a great clicking of hooves as they step from their world into ours.

Thankfully I know these women as I was born between the worlds. I still hear their voices on the very edge – on the edge of twilight…on the…

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Happy Lughnasadh/Lammas!


On August 1st, we celebrate the pagan sabbat of Lammas or Lughnasadh. The first of the harvest celebrations, Lammas reminds us that autumn is on its way. You will notice the nights seem to lengthen even though summer is still in full force. Before you know it, the witching season will be upon us.


Image Credit: Pinterest

When I was a child, I used to spend my summer’s with my grandparents who lived in Kansas. Of course, in an agricultural area, harvest time is a big deal. Even though they were Christians they still remembered many of the old ways and celebrations from Russia. Grandma used to bake bread during this time. She reminisced about the wheat harvest and how she and her sisters and sisters in law used to feed all the hardworking men.

To learn more about Lammas I turned to Granny Tackett at Hoodoo Hill. She says:

“Lughnasadh is a Cross Quarter Festival. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Cross Quarter Festivals are also called High Sabbats or Greater Sabbats, these are Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasadh. Also known as the Fire Festivals their dates of celebration are set. With the exception of Samhain, their rituals are usually performed during the day as they are solar holidays. Each of the elements is represented and is also represented here by a holiday: Samhain – water; Imbolc – air; Beltane – earth; Lughnasadh – fire.”

Traditionally, this is the largest feast of the year. A good way to celebrate this Sabbat is with your family. Take time to recognize the day and connect with your spiritual path, whatever it may be. In other words, find the time to commune with the divine.

If you like to bake (and you aren’t fighting high temperatures) you could spend some time in the kitchen with your children baking bread, biscuits, or even pizza dough. Talk about how long ago the harvest season was a time to rejoice for the bounty that would get a family through the hard months of winter.

Ozark Pagan Mama shares some fun activities to do with children.

Santuario Lunar shares how to make a spell bottle for Lughnasadh.


Image Credit: Facebook – Every Witch Way You Can

We’re in the middle of some remodeling at my home so I won’t be doing any baking. Instead, I would like to make a prosperity spell bottle. I’ll mix herbs, stones, objects, colored sand and anything else I can think of to add to my special bottle.

If you decide to do something similar, use your intuition to create your own spell bottle. Remember to show appreciation in the name of prosperity and life. Save your spell bottle until next year’s Lughnasadh Sabbat. Bury it next year and create another.



How will you celebrate Lammas/Lughnasadh?


hello sunshine Happy Lammas/Lughnasadh! ❤